This book has to be the definative work on nishikoi ever! Peter has to be one, if not THE most respected authority on koi outside Japan and i think he has captured this in KOI2KICHI. I have heard that he is to write a new book soon, good luck Peter as i think this will be a hard act to follow ...........Gary
Price: £39.95


The A4 ‘standard’ complete version of Koi2Kichi includes the following features:-

1. Book One – ‘The Path to Understanding’ (From mistake to Mystique) – this comprises of 312 full colour pages.

2. Book Two – ‘The Path to Yamakoshi’ (The Highways and the By-ways) – this comprises of 260 full colour pages.

3. A full colour fold-out map of Yamakoshimura (full details to be explained later)

4. A superb, professional DVD which actually leads the viewer ‘by hand’ on four actual separate 'Nishikigoi Routes' through the mountains in order to visit every single Nishikigoi breeder highlighted in the book itself.

5. A sturdy, protective and decorative slip case in which to house the books.

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