Overwall Skimmer

A new product from Gatwick Koi ! If you built a pond without a skimmer , this product is for you ! Made from welded pvc , and 2" high pressure pipe work . This skimmer can be placed over the wall , and work like a normal skimmer . See instructions below for use . Please note , plumbing not supplied , except the two up right pipes on the units .
Price: £159.95


There are  two pipes shown in the diagram The first is  for the route to the pump , this sucks water through the Oase basket and skimmer unit , down to your pump , the second returns the water from your pump back to the pond and enters the water underneath the unit . to intsall simply add two 90 degree bends at the top of the pipes as shown , then plumb across the wall of the pond , and then two more 90 bends down to the pump . IF USING LOW WATTAGE PUMPS . you may need to replace one 90 with a t piece , that can be used to add water and prime the pump , then seal the top of the t with a rubber end cap before turning pump on . 

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