Today we started off by heading over to see the guys at Sekiguchi koi farm . Stunning quality showa and now getting the recognition that they deserve ! We spent a little time looking around the options for buy some showa tosai . We started in a pond that wasnt too badly priced , the pond was netted and selection of 15 koi were soon done and dusted . The next pond was netted and supposed to be way higher quality , and if im honest i was a little disapointed as i diddnt think i could find enough to make a box up , this really was a blow as the breeder had offered as a chance at a few very serious tateshita and i was hoping to put them in a box with the fish netted infront of me . Although happy with the showa i had already bought , i couldnt help thinking i really wanted some more at a higher level . Our agent then took over and explained my problem and sekiguchi said does Gary like high quality males ? Hell yes i replied , so we were at another pond looking at high class male tateshita . The price was not too bad but needed to be better , so a deal was done on the back of buying four of the very expensive tateshita . Before long we had 11 in a bowl and the four expensive tateshita , happy days ! After this was another big decision for me , last year we bought 3 very expensive tosai to leave in the mudponds . The results were outstsnding , two females were shipped and sold , but the third was male , but omg what a male ! He measured at 57cm and was the fastest growing nisai at the farm this year . He was supposed to go to the All Japan show but had a lifted scale which prevented this . This koi is now ok will now be shipped to the uk ! We have turned down a few offers in Japan already for this koi , even Sekiguchi tried a cheeky little bid that was politley refused . After dinner with the breeder we headed back to Ojiya stopping of at Satoshi Tanaka , this guy always has a few nice surprises , this time we had ine for him lol, at the nogyosai show last october i bought a showa from him at the show to leave in Japan for one year , this koi has now been sold so needed to be shipped . Not a major problem but paperwork involved so we needed to go and see the breeder to sort it out . While there i took a chance to buy a few very nice quality nisai , a shusui , shiro utsuri , kindai gin rin showa , the gin rin showa that is sold , all female and a male kujaku . Very pleased with this , that left a problem as we had arranged to leave a koi , one koi we had selected and another very nice nisai kindai showa was selected to be left in Japan for one year . With only a few hours left we decieded to pop up to Yamaju and meet the breeder with a view to have a close look at the asagis we saw the day before . We arrived and found that only one that was in the pond was any good for what we wanted . He then said there are some in the main pond , so we went and selected two more females out of there . Three sansai nice asagi , two female and one male were then purchased . Driving back down the mountain we stopped for a couple of tourists pics and then called it a day and returned home to the hotel early for a change . pics to follow