Today was going to be hard to see breeders  as a lot , if not most would still be breaking down the show , or collecting their koi . So we decided to start around mid day , which worked well as I had some work to do on the website . So after a quick stop at the 7-11 we went off to Marusie koi farm . Once we arrived , we had a coffee and chat with the old man , some how we got around to the subject of holidays , I said my last one was my honey moon , he just laughed and said at Marusei , no holidays , we work 365 a days a year ! Not bad for a guy in his mid 70s ! For those who have visited the farm , and seen the extent of the operation , you can see why . We wondered off to have a look at the koi , unless you have been there  , you cant explain the sheer volume that these guys breed , and sooo many varieties . Prices were given and I started looking for sanke , and I struggled a little if im honest , and I didn't want to go into the more expensive ponds so early in the week , that's usually reserved for when I know how much money I have left . So after a while the son joined us , and we explained we would come back later in the week , to look at the higher quality sanke . He smiled and said ok , do you want to see your koi ?? What koi ?? The sansai that were selected for you ? I was intrigued , ive been sent pics from our agents , but don't remember buying any thing . He pulled up a net with 8 sansai , hi utsuri , masuie ogons , and kujaku in . All around 50 cm , he said bigger  , but im playing it safe . After a short conversation , it seems that I was sent a couple of pics of some very well priced koi,so  with my stress head on in the shop , I thought they were samples so said yeah ill take two boxes , it now dawned on me now  , that these wernt sample pics , they were the actual pics , seems like im buying fish by accident now as well lol !  So bearing in mind I had videos and pics , no work was needed  , a nice little touch , and 8  very well priced sansai  in the bag already , when I thought we would struggle today . ( This is one of the advantages of having agents always based out here ! )

Eight sansai from Marusie






After Marusie  we took a drive round the breeders we knew we could look at the koi with out the breeders not being there , Maruhiro was well stocked , the regular ponds were nice , but the better quality ponds were full of very nice koi , so we have an appointment there first thing Monday . We then went to his fathers farm , also Marusei , but we always call this one Hirasawa , right or wrong that's just the way it is , here we found a lot of very nice sanke , of all varieties , and ages , so we called and made an appointment for Monday also . We visited a few more breeders and found one with some unsusual metalics , doitsu hariwake and many others , so again a call made ,  and we are going back tomorrow . Sometimes this can be frustrating , but after nearly 40 visits to Niigata , I know this quick visits can save a lot of time , and help the next day go more efficient ! Getting towards the end of the day , I had bought some sansai from Yagenji from Pics over Xmas  so thought it best to go and see my purchases . I wasn't disappointed , these fish were very nice for the money , they have been indoors for  4 mths and not fed , so the beni will get even better wen out doors in the uk during quarantine . Sanke 70cm , 4 step and two step kohaku , showa .





So for a day , where I didn't think id see many koi , it wasn't so bad , appointments all set for tomorrow , so we should plenty to show you tomorrow .................