Congratulations on the Worthing club on another well organised club show. This show involves the chosen Judge , in this case Gary Hillier from the BKKS  JSC , visiting many ponds over the weekend , bowling and studying many koi , and then having pictures of said koi for him to go away with to study . Very pleased to say that Gatwick Koi customers had runaway success , and won all the major trophys . Baby champion for Maggie leadbetter with a Kase shiro utsuri , ( no young champion ) so  Adult champion for Mike Burbridge with a Maruhiro sanke , Mature champion to Alan Calloway with a Yamamatsu sanke , and also Grand champion to Alan with  a Yagenji Kohaku . This year a new award , is for best metalic , this went to an Izumiya ogon for Lee Newton . All koi supplied by Gatwick Koi , also we supplied alot of the runners up , but forgot to write them all down , well done to all those invlolved , and thank you for your support !